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Class Descriptions


Little Stars Dance Play, Tiny Tots and Tiny Hop

All children love to dance and our Dance Play, Tiny Tots and Tiny Hop classes are specifically designed for 2 to 4 year olds with the emphasis on dancing and playing. The class helps to develop motor skills and co-ordination as well as promoting a love of dance. Interesting and stimulating music is used together with props and children can develop friendships in a fun and playful atmosphere. Please visit our Little Stars page for further information about these classes.


Little Stars Ballet Levels 1 and 2

This is a classical ballet class for 5 and 6 year olds. Based on the Cecchetti syllabus, it promotes co-ordination by providing a structured ballet class, which develops the first vital steps in ballet. In this class we also encourage creative movement, interpretation, imagination and improvisation, whilst developing musical awareness and the first elements of stage production. Please visit our Little Stars page for further information about these classes.


Grades 1-6 Syllabus Classes

Structured classical ballet classes in the Cecchetti Method. The syllabus class ensures correct placement, alignment of body and technique and is the basis of a young dancer's training. It is also an opportunity to explore other forms of dance including character, mime, neo-classical and contemporary, whilst developing their own creative approach to dance. Examinations may be taken in these levels at the discretion of the Principal.


Cecchetti Majors (Intermediate & Advanced I & II)

Cecchetti classical ballet syllabus classes. Previous dance experience necessary. Examinations offered at these levels.


Senior Advanced Open Classes

Open classes provide students with a classical ballet class that is structured, yet different every week. Although a good technique is a pre-requisite for Open Class, the focus is on interpreting and learning new steps quickly and performing new sequences and enchainments. Repertoire and other dances are also taught to the students.


Beginners Pointe Class

This is an introductory pointe class incorporating muscle strengthening exercises and preliminary pointe steps. This class is only offered to students undertaking Grade 5 or higher syllabus classes. Before students can purchase and wear pointe shoes they mush meet a number of criteria set by the Diamond Valley Dance Academy including:

The completion of a minimum of 12 months in the Beginners Pointe Class.
Having reached the age of 12 years (or at the discretion of the Principal at an earlier or later age).
Attending a dance specialist podiatrist for assessment and evaluation of feet structure and suitability on pointe.

The Principal will provide the student with details of such specialist once the other criteria have been met, and the Principal feels the student is ready to proceed with pointe work.


Senior Pointe Production & Repertoire

The Senior Pointe Class incorporates the Intermediate and Advanced Pointe Syllabus, together with open class work, variations and repertoire. Previous dance training required.



Shirley Temple, Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, Ginger Rogers…..the list of tapping greats goes on. Tap has always been a fundamental part of dance, particularly in movies, now add to it Tap Dogs, Bootmen and the latest grunge style and tapping is making a big comeback. Based on rhythms and beats, tap offers students a fun and energetic dance form. Beginners to Advanced. ATOD examinations can be taken from Test 1 to Gold Star.



Jazz, including hip hop and funk styles, provides students with an energetic workout to their favourite dance music. Jazz classes incorporate technique, improvisation, flexibility, rhythm, musicality and co-ordination. Our jazz classes include components of contemporary, musical theatre and lyrical dance, while the basis of the class is on the latest hip hop moves and routines. Beginners to Advanced.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a very creative and expressive style of dance based on street or ethnic/urban dance and can include breaking, popping, locking and free styling as well as movement such as jumps and turns. It is very athletic and lots of fun and is usually performed to hip hop or R&B style music.



Contemporary dance encapsulates the technique of classical dance with the free spirited and energetic jazz style of dance. It allows students to be creative and expressive and can be performed to a number of different musical types. We offer ATOD syllabus classes and examinations from Level 1-4. Minimum Grade 3 Ballet level required.

Song & Dance (Musical Theatre)

Our Song and Dance classes give students an opportunity to express themselves through song as well as music and dance. Students are taught correct voice control within a range of genres including pop music and musical theatre numbers.”



Acro classes provide students with the strength and flexibility to master floor based gymnastics and acro moves. From aerials to round offs, one handed cartwheels and hand springs, our acro classes provide students with the “wow” factor to go with their dance training.”


"There's so many classes to choose from at DVDance. I'm learning so much about lots of different style of dance!"

Mary, 12

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