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We offer a number of different styles of dance at Diamond Valley Dance Academy, as we believe our approach to teaching dance should be like our students - diverse and exuberant!

Classical ballet, is the foundation of all dance styles and one we truly love and cherish at DVDance. Our syllabus includes a mix of both Cecchetti Ballet and ATOD Ballet methods and sets our students up for a wonderful foundation of good technique, posture, discipline and strength and flexibility. 

We offer ATOD ballet exams to our Sapphire and Emerald students and Cecchetti Ballet exams to our Rubies and Diamonds students. 

Jazz is one of our most popular genres at DVDance and if you watch one of our jazz classes, you will see why! Great music, challenging but achievable steps and routines and a great, fun atmosphere. ATOD Jazz Moves syllabi is taught throughout all our Jazz classes at DVDance, with examinations offered to our Sapphire students and above. 

For those students who love the rhythms and sounds that tap shoes can make - this class is for you! Our tap classes offer a mixture of technique and creative flair and are lots of fun. We use a mix of ATOD Tap and open class work to get the most out of our tap students, with exams being offered to Sapphire students and above if suitable. 

Hip Hop
Perfect for our beginner dancers as well as our more experienced students. We use age appropriate music in all our classes and teach the basics of hip hop moves, all the way through to our advanced levels - and these kids have got some skills! We use the ATOD Hip Hop syllabus and love that our Hip Hop students can also enter into exams if they wish. 

One of the hardest skill sets to achieve, our dancers love the freedom of movement that contemporary offers them, but also the challenge of technique and discipline required. Our Emerald students and above are offered our Contemporary classes, but must be also undertaking a classical ballet class as a prerequisite, due to the high technical requirements of this genre. ATOD Contemporary syllabus and open styles taught with examinations offered. 

Song and Dance
Our students get the opportunity to express themselves using their voice - sing it out loud and love every minute of it! Our Song and Dance classes give our students basic singing and vocal coaching put together with our jazz dance moves. Classes are skill based, not necessarily age based from beginners Level 1 to our more seasoned performers in Level 3. 

Level 2 and 3 Song and Dance students also have the opportunity to learn solo works and we love encouraging our students to perform, and as such our students are given the opportunity to participate in a singing competition once a year. 

Our acro classes are so much fun! Like our Song and Dance classes, our Acro classes are skill based, not age based and are evolved from the Acrobatic Arts syllabus. Our qualified teachers will assist our Level 1 and 2 students to learn how to cartwheel, hand/headstand, bridge, round off and other basic level acro skills, in a safe and structured environment. Our Level 3 and 4 students are encouraged to try and perfect harder skill sets including aerials, front and back flips and other tumbling sequences.

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