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Little Stars Preschool Programme

Our Little Stars program encourages, supports and nurtures our littlest of dancers! Our Little Stars classes incorporate fun and education dance tuition, which is implemented by qualified, motivated and caring educators.


Our Little Stars philosophy is to encourage the love of dance through play, music and dance. We love watching our Little Stars develop into confident and creative individuals.


Our Little Stars program is based on the ATOD Imagine Program which caters for children aged 2 - 6years. The program is designed specifically for preschool and early primary school aged children to enhance and encourage movement, mime,music, magic and make-believe and provides a wonderful start for your Little Star in the world of dance.


You will most definitely find the perfect class to suit your Little Star:

Tiny Tots

This class is for our Little Stars aged 2-3yrs old and is a parent assisted class. Parents/caregivers are asked to join their child for a 30 minute class exploring basic movement and music principles incorporating hand/eye co-ordination, balance and fine and gross motor skills.


Dance Play 

Our basic introduction to the world of dance for 3-4 year olds. This class develops co-ordination as well as the beginnings of a class structure where our Little Stars are instructed by their dance teacher without the involvement of their parent/caregiver. This gives the students more autonomy and develops positive habits in relation to their further education. Our Dance Play class incorporates lots of use of props with a variety of preschool and classical type music. Basic ballet steps are taught, but the emphasis is on fun, creativity and co-ordination. We further develop fine and gross motor skills, but also add on aspects of musicality and partner/group work.


Little Stars Ballet

Levels 1 & 2 Pre-Primary & Primary Ballet - Our Little Stars Ballet classes offer students an introduction to classical ballet. The class format consists of the teaching and practicing of technical exercises and then follows into a more improvised and creative class whereby students are encouraged to express themselves through music and dance. We do not offer examinations for this age group, but we are certainly working on good technique to assist students further down the track.


Tiny Hop

Our Tiny Hop classes are an introduction to Hip Hop and are very popular with our Little Stars boys and girls! The dynamic class uses appropriate up to date music that kids listen to on the radio and provides them with an environment to explore dance and have lots of fun. The class involves basic acrobatics preparation as well as basic hip hop and jazz moves. Ages 3-5yrs.


Little Stars Jazz & Tap - Primary Jazz & Tap

This class is a basic introduction to the world of jazz and tap. A very energetic and dynamic class, which includes lots of up to date music and funky moves to boot! For Little Stars aged 4-6yrs.


Little Stars Program for Pre-School/Childcare

Our Little Stars program is able to come to you! Our Pre-School/Childcare program incorporates all the philosophies above but in a condensed 30 minute class that is suitable for kindergarten or childcare centres.  We also come to Play Groups or can organise for you to come to us.

Our qualified educators provide:

  •  30minute class for students aged 3-5 years

  •  Themed classes and activities

  •   Lots of dancing and movement suitable for both boys and girls

  •   Emphasis on co-ordination and moving to music

  •  Props provided for each child

  •  Ipod Speaker Dock and music provided

  • Activity Sheet incorporating theme provided at end of session

 Our themes include:

  • Going to the Beach

  • Rumble in the Jungle

  • Old MacDonald's Farm

  • Teddy Bear's Picnic

  • Under the Sea

  • And many more


We can provide one off classes, fortnightly or weekly classes (10 x week block).


Please contact us on or call 02 9467 1000 for more information.

"Watching Abigail's face light up when she hears the music makes my heart melt. She can't wait for her Dance Play class each week."


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