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16+ Years



You made it! Diamonds are forever and once you make it to our Diamonds level, you will always be a DVDance Alumni and part of our amazing dance family. 


The work is harder and more challenging than ever before, but you have the necessary skills and determination to get you through it. Be proud of your achievements and be confident in the skills you have learnt that will serve you not only in the dance world, but will assist you in VCE, University and work scenarios for years to come. 


Our Diamonds classes:


  • Ballet - Cecchetti Syllabus classes (Intermediate, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2), plus Open Ballet classes and pointe work. 

  • Jazz - includes an invitation to join our Diamonds Allstars 

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop

  • Contemporary 

  • Stretch and Strengthen

  • VCE VET Dance - delivered by DVDance in conjunction with student’s secondary school

  • Plus Song and Dance and Acro classes available. 


Classes Available: 

Please click here for our full DVDance Timetable: 



Register here: 


What our Diamonds love about DVDance!


  • The support from dance friends, teachers and dance community 

  • Amazing performance opportunities!

  • Being challenged and empowered to do my best

  • Taking my mind off studies and assisting with my wellbeing

  • Being a DanceStepper and training to be a teacher

  • Being a role model to our younger students



Our all-inclusive pricing means less hassle and value for money.  Your monthly fee includes:

  •  Class tuition (based on 36 weeks of classes per year paid over 12 months)

  •  All registration, admin and insurance fees

  •  Access to Movitae (our online video app)

  •  Concert costs including all costumes and DVD of show, Rehearsal and Photo Sitting Fees.


6.15pm Ballet (Adv 2 Cecchetti) 

7.30pm Contemporary


12.30pm Tap 

1.30pm Stretch & Strengthen

2.15pm Ballet (Open Class)


7.45pm Hip Hop 


5.00 - 6.30pm VET Dance


6.00pm Ballet

(Intermediate and Adv 1 Cecchetti) 

7.30pm Jazz

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