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Aged 12 - 15 Years



Our Rubies are a dedicated group of young individuals who are an integral part of our DVDance Community. They are enthusiastic and love helping out in any way they can. Many of our Rubies participate in our DanceStep (Student Teacher Education Program) and adore assisting our younger students. 


By this stage, most of our Rubies are in secondary school and have been dancing for quite some time, and although we do offer some beginner classes at this age, the majority of our Rubies classes have a very high skill and technical level, with exams being offered in all core genres. 


Classes offered:


  • Ballet - Cecchetti Syllabus and Open Ballet classes including pointe work

  • Jazz - we offer both an exam stream and a more casual class option suitable for beginners or those with not much dance experience. 

  • Tap

  • Hip Hop

  • Contemporary - ballet is a prerequisite

  • Stretch and Strengthen


With options of Song and Dance and Acro.

Please click here for our full DVDance Timetable: 



Register here: 


What our Rubies love about DVDance!


  • Being with their best friends

  • Helping out with younger students

  • Learning harder technique and choreography

  • Performing with the Diamonds

  • Improving all the time!



Our all-inclusive pricing means less hassle and value for money.  Your monthly fee includes:

  •  Class tuition (based on 36 weeks of classes per year paid over 12 months)

  •  All registration, admin and insurance fees

  •  Access to Movitae (our online video app)

  •  Concert costs including all costumes and DVD of show, Rehearsal and Photo Sitting Fees.


4.15pm Ballet (Syllabus) 

5.45pm Contemporary 

6.45pm Hip Hop 

7.45pm Tap


1.30pm Stretch & Strengthen

2.15pm Ballet (Open Ballet)

3.45pm Jazz

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